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Bond market neuroticism


Yields are up, and with it, so too are the number and volume of the alarm bells. Two alarms are particularly loud...

Municipal Market Update: Short-Term Headwinds and Long-Term Value


Despite favorable supply and demand dynamics, the municipal bond market...

Signs of Slower U.S. Growth on the Horizon


The U.S. economic expansion, which began in 2009, is already one of the longest on record. This begs the question, how much longer can it last?

Fed and France Spark Turnaround


The stall in the “Trump Rally” that began in the second half of March carried through to the first half of April before it reversed...

Asset Allocation: Increasing High Yield Municipal Exposure


November was the worst month for municipal bonds since September 2008 with the Bloomberg Barclays...

Market Absorbs Election-Induced Volatility


October’s headlines were largely dominated by the upcoming presidential elections. The daily news flow of...