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Inflation Shows Signs of Life


Inflation increased last month, as higher costs in housing, medical care, and wireless services offset lower energy and vehicle prices...

Positive Economic News Lost in the Headlines


These mostly positive economic data points have been lost in the headlines as the North Korea situation...

Recent Weakness in Inflation – Is It Short Lived?


A strong labor market and stable/rising commodity prices are the primary drivers behind rising inflation trend...

Growth Potential Ahead?


While the global economy has gained momentum over the past six months, financial uncertainty and the corresponding risks point to modest growth potential domestically through...

The Reflation Trade


An increase in inflation has been much anticipated, but slow to arrive. Following the November election, the so-called “reflation trade” sparked a sell-off in bonds, driving the...

Inflation: Too High, Too Low, or Just Right?


Citing that the job market “has continued to strengthen,” the Fed raised rates by a quarter of a point on June 14.