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Accounting for Disruptive Forces within the Fixed-Income Markets


Continued economic growth and generally solid corporate profits have...

Tech: Implications for Labor Markets and Productivity


The accelerated pace of technology means disruptive innovation is affecting every sector of the economy...

Tech Is the New Macro: Impacting All Three Components of Return on Equity


Technology is positive for all three return on equity (ROE) components...

Convertibles and Tech Continue a Low-Vol Romance


For investors, convertibles represent the possibility of equity upside participation alongside some help in managing...

Trump, Tech, and Shareholder Yield


The first 100 days of the Trump administration posted the third best stock market performance for a first-term President since WWII. Thinking ahead...

Smart Cities and the Long View


We recently caught up with Edward Ramos, Chief Investment Officer of Global Fundamental Equities at Cornerstone Capital Management and Portfolio Manager for...