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Municipal Bonds: Finding Value Amid Volatility


After a strong start to the year and a relatively quiet summer, the municipal market closed the third quarter and entered the fourth with a flurry of activity.

Mother Nature’s Market Impact


Global markets had a strong performance in September, with domestic indices lagging behind international. Earlier in the month, a string of natural disasters caused...

Municipal Bonds: The Case for Active Management


We believe prudent financial advisors recognize the need today for professional, active management in...

MLPs: Attractive Current Yields and Potential Tax-Cut Beneficiary


Midstream Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) currently yield close to 7%.

Hitting Municipal Curveballs and Late-Breaking Allocation News


Ask any major league baseball player, and they’ll tell you there is both...

Tax Planning Is an All-Year Event


Taxpayers in the higher income brackets are facing a more significant tax liability and experiencing some of the most challenging financial complexities of their lives.