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Will M&A Continue to Boost Portfolios in 2018?


While it’s a fact that global M&A was down slightly from a record year in 2016, it’s hard to find too much fault...

A Record-Breaking Year for Equity Markets


The majority of global markets showed positive performance over the course of the month, topping off a record...

Small Caps and Tax Reform


Tax reform is now a reality and while the implications for individuals will vary according to circumstances (consult your accountant), the 21% corporate tax rate is clearly...

Top 5 Municipal Market Insights for 2018


We believe that tax reform and the implementation of new regulatory policies will present investment opportunities for municipal investors who are well-positioned, but...

Examining the Breakdown in Sector Correlation


2017 has recorded the second lowest volatility on record for the S&P 500. The calm at the surface, however, belies...

The End is Near – But When?


Currently accepted wisdom is that we are in the latter stages of a protracted economic expansion. We’re fully onboard with that view ourselves. The trick now will be in...