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Trade brinkmanship – a risky game


Markets are again under pressure because of escalating trade tensions, after the Trump administration raised the stakes significantly...

Tariffs, Trade, and Technology Impact Market Uncertainty


U.S. and global markets pushed lower for the second consecutive month as uncertainty loomed around new tariffs...

Fed Hike, Fiscal Tailwinds, and Trade War

by: ; Amit Soni, CFA

Last week, the Fed hiked interest rates by 25 bps. This was widely expected, but the hawkish tone surprised the market...

Trouble on the Street


Stock prices plunged last week amid a barrage of headline news. As a result, the S&P 500 Index fell nearly 2.5% on Thursday and another 2.1% on Friday, dropping the Index...

Tariffs and Trade Trigger Volatility

by: ; Robert Serenbetz

The announcement of a 25% tariff on imported steel, and 10% on aluminum, caused fears of a trade war, triggering volatility. Tariffs will benefit domestic producers of...

New Tariffs: Impact and Implications


On Thursday, President Donald Trump unexpectedly announced a plan to impose tariffs of 25% on imported steel and 10% on aluminum at a White House meeting with major U.S. steel...