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Strong economic growth in the second quarter


The U.S. economy showed solid growth in the second quarter, as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was up 4.1%...

How to determine the tipping point of trade war impact


We recently published a blog post covering our view on trade. Since then, the news cycle has continued down...

Markets maintain positive movement, with a side of volatility


This month’s macroeconomic themes focused around tariffs, labor, and the Fed’s stance on rates. Yet, despite the...

Tuning out the noise (long-term perspective)


The noise to signal ratio continues to go up. Among tariffs, trade wars, immigration debates, the upcoming...

Trade brinkmanship – a risky game


Markets are again under pressure because of escalating trade tensions, after the Trump administration raised the stakes significantly...

Tariffs, Trade, and Technology Impact Market Uncertainty


U.S. and global markets pushed lower for the second consecutive month as uncertainty loomed around new tariffs...