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Oil price falls on unexpected supply and demand dynamics


Crude oil prices are down more than 30% from their October highs. The sharp pullback is likely attributable in large...

A change in sentiment for MLPs?

by: ; Nick Brown

Since 2016, MLPs have lagged both the broad market and the energy sector. But, with strong fundamentals, a move toward simplified corporate structures, and an eye toward...

Crude Oil: Current Price Action Creates Opportunities


After a remarkable recovery in 2016, crude oil is back in bear-market territory, as West Texas Intermediate crude...

Crude Oil in a Bear Market


After an impressive recovery in 2016, crude oil pricing is facing adverse conditions again so far in 2017. With spot prices for...

A Shift in the OPEC Playbook: 2014 vs. 2017


Unlike 2014 and 2015, we do not believe crude oil prices are remaining low as a result of OPEC threatening to increase...

Energy Renaissance: Three Signposts to Watch


Supply concerns took U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil prices below $50 a barrel recently, amid nine straight...