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Municipal Bonds: Finding Value Amid Volatility


After a strong start to the year and a relatively quiet summer, the municipal market closed the third quarter...

Duration: Not Debunked, Just Practically Applied

by: ; Adam Schrier, CFA, FRM

When will interest rates rise and by how much? This question has been analyzed and debated continuously over...

Asset Allocation: Increasing High Yield Municipal Exposure


November was the worst month for municipal bonds since September 2008 with the Bloomberg Barclays...

Update on the Municipal Markets


In our Market Insights for 2016, Liquidity Wars, we discussed the potential for bouts of heightened municipal market volatility resulting from liquidity disruptions.

If Tax Rates Go Down, There’s Still an Upside to Munis


While it’s early days, President-elect Donald Trump has indicated his intention to lower tax rates for...

Municipal Bonds: 5 Key Takeaways After the Election


After the election we caught up with Bob DiMella, Co-Head of MacKay Municipal Managers, to get his...