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A change in sentiment for MLPs?

by: ; Nick Brown

Since 2016, MLPs have lagged both the broad market and the energy sector. But, with strong fundamentals, a move toward simplified corporate structures, and an eye toward...

Goodbye cheap oil

by: ; Robert Serenbetz

The price of oil has hit $71 a barrel - a three year high - driven mainly by global economic growth and the underinvestment in capacity from years prior. Oil prices are in a...

MLP Market Update


Today, the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced that it will disallow income tax allowance cost recovery in MLP pipeline rates. FERC is requiring every...

The Case for Energy MLPs

by: ; Nick Brown

Since hitting a five-year low in January 2016, the energy sector has experienced a meaningful recovery. That being said, there have been several periods of heightened volatility...

Opportunities in MLPs and Energy Infrastructure


Despite a solid fundamental backdrop, midstream energy infrastructure, including Master Limited Partnerships...

MLPs: When Energy Sentiment Goes down the Pipe(line)


Despite being in the energy business, commodity prices are not the primary driver of MLP fundamentals...