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Ask the Portfolio Manager: Amit Soni

by: ; Lauren Goodwin, CFA

New York Life Investments’ Strategic Asset Allocation and Solutions (SAS) team speaks on the most pressing global economic and markets issues...

Navigating Volatility within a Late Cycle Expansion


The U.S. has entered the later stages of the business cycle. While there is reason to believe it will continue for...

Alternatives: Buy the Umbrella Before It Rains


The past never perfectly reflects the future, but it does leave hints. Markets tend to move in cycles...

Looking Beneath the Surface: A Toys “R” Us Cautionary Tale


Toys "R" Us didn’t exactly close its doors, but the largest toy retailer in the world has filed for Chapter 11.

Unlocking Value Across the Economic Cycle


The U.S. economy has been growing for eight years now and currently finds itself in the third-longest cycle in post-war...

Are the Stars Still Aligned for Merger Arbitrage?


We’re witnessing a set of ideal conditions for the merger arbitrage space: High stock valuations are...