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A Nod to the Windward Side: Liquid Alts and Volatile Markets


A market correction is generally considered a decline of 10% in...

Volatility Rises, but Fundamentals Remain Steady

by: ; Amit Soni, CFA

Last week, equity markets tumbled globally, and the S&P 500 finally broke its longest stretch without a correction...

Stock Prices Marked Down Again, Further Improving Valuation


The decline that began last week deepened yesterday and may do so again today (futures have fluctuated...

Markets Tumble


From the recent record high on the S&P 500 Index achieved January 26 through market open this morning, U.S. equity prices have fallen almost 5%. While that’s still less than...

Navigating Between Risk and Opportunity


With the market reacting of late to President Trump’s future, and the discussion about that and the secondary effects it may have on his pro-business agenda, it is important to...