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The earnings disaster that wasn’t?

by: ; IndexIQ

Early indications are that the current earnings season might not be quite the disaster that was predicted by some...

High yield’s little brother


Given the unusually strong performance of both equity and fixed income markets year to date, it only makes sense that investors are revisiting their portfolio allocations...

Six risks on our list


There is no shortage of attention to political and geopolitical risk in financial market analysis...

Is recession in the cards?

by: ; IndexIQ

There’s a saying that recessions don’t just happen; they’re the result of policy mistakes...

Economic muddling and market meddling


Our latest market outlook update highlights key indicators we are watching and ideas for investing accordingly...

Higher water brings rougher seas

by: ; Robert Serenbetz; Multi-Asset Solutions team

At the beginning of 2019, economic and market conditions aligned for rallies across asset classes. Investor sentiment was foreboding...