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IndexIQ mid-year update – Volatility, vaccines, & voting

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Whereas the year started on a “normal” trajectory, by March, the pandemic quickly put a halt to an immeasurable...

What’s going on here?

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At first, this dramatic upward move in equities appeared to be non-intuitive, taking place in the face of a lot of historically bad data...

Behavioral economics, investor choices and the role of liquid alternatives

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The latest predictions now call for the wave of COVID-19 infections to peak...

It’s different this time

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It’s the first time in modern memory that an economic contraction has been initiated by a pandemic...

Unexpected market decline


The only real defense is to be prepared, and to stay diversified. Our three liquid alternative exchange-traded funds (ETFs)...

Exogenous events

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Just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water, along comes another of those aptly named “exogenous events”...