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Goldilocks jobs

by: ; Lauren Goodwin, CFA

The labor market continues to strengthen as unemployment maintains its downward trend. Even with gradual growth in the labor force, the July jobs report reflects what we would...

The (very slowly) growing reward for a hard day’s work


We’ve commented previously on the peculiar breakdown in the relationship between employment levels...

Unemployment at 3.8%


U.S. job growth accelerated in May. The U.S. economy added 223,000 jobs, well above economist expectations of 190,000. Additionally, previous estimates for March and April were...

Strong Job Growth – It’s the “Summer of ’69” Again

by: ; Amit Soni, CFA

The labor market continues to strengthen. After 91 straight months of job creation, the longest stretch of...

Unemployment Below 4%


April was a decent month for job markets, with a job growth of 164,000. While this was below expectations, March numbers were...

Slow Job Growth in March after a Stellar February


Employment growth disappointed in March, with a gain of only 103,000, well below the 185,000 new jobs expected...