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Is Market Volatility on the Rise?


Given current valuations, low and rising interest rates, and modest global growth, we expect a single-digit return environment in the years ahead...

Are Bank Loan Repricings All Priced In?


Amid target Fed Fund rate increases by the Federal Reserve, investors have flocked to bank loan funds due to...

Inflation: Too High, Too Low, or Just Right?


Citing that the job market “has continued to strengthen,” the Fed raised rates by a quarter of a point on June 14.

Time to Go Small?


Big vs. small – it’s one of those fundamental investing debates that goes on forever and is never completely settled. Just possibly, it’s the wrong question...

Higher Income Ahead as Fed Raises Rates?


"The Fed appears poised to raise interest rates in June and gradually thereafter,” according to Portfolio Manager Art Torrey who...

Currency Reacts as Fed Raises Rates


On Wednesday, March 15, the Federal Reserve (Fed) announced that it would raise the Federal Fund's Rate, the benchmark interest rate it controls, by a quarter of a basis point.