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U.S. Markets Ramp Up as Global Markets Slows Down


One thing is certain, U.S. markets showed no signs of slowing down in November, as the major indices...

Economic Expansion – History in the Making?


The U.S. economic expansion is now into its ninth year, making it the third longest in U.S. history. Expansions aren’t limited by time, but...

Equity Markets Resume Their Upward Trek


Global markets began the month slowly, as the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan started taking a more...

Recent Weakness in Inflation – Is It Short Lived?


A strong labor market and stable/rising commodity prices are the primary drivers behind rising inflation trend...

Fed Plans to Shrink Balance Sheet


For the second time this year, the Fed decided to raise short-term interest rates by 25 bps. This brought the Fed Funds Rate to 1.25%. Of perhaps greater importance...

Tug-of-War: Fed Signals vs. Market Pricing


As expected, the Fed raised the Fed Funds Rate by 25 bps at its June meeting. Committee projections...