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One Investor’s Junk (Bond) Is Another’s Treasure


“Should I invest in junk bonds?” may not be the appropriate question investors need to be asking their advisors...

Four Pillars of a Strong High-Yield Foundation


Though the overall U.S. fixed-income market has been largely flat over the last 12 months, the high-yield bond market has been a solid performer.

Pairing Short Duration High Yield with Bank Loans


Between bond purists and bank loan enthusiasts, there exists a little bit of rivalry. How do we settle this?

High-Yield Fundamentals: Still Solid


Investors looking for income may still find what they need in U.S. high-yield bonds. As long as issuers'...

What Does Short Duration Mean for Credit-Sensitive High Yield?


Short Duration High Yield is not a unique asset class, but rather a subset...

Is Your Bond Index in Trouble?


When it comes to core fixed income, the universal benchmark is the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index (“the Agg”). Many investors simply accept...