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Equity prices are heating up. Is there still room to run?


Last week, value stocks outperformed, relative to growth strategies, and exhibited the strongest positive...

Examining the Breakdown in Sector Correlation


2017 has recorded the second lowest volatility on record for the S&P 500. The calm at the surface, however, belies...

Begin at the End When It Comes to Saving for Retirement


When thinking about retirement, the goal for investors is to put as much money away now to be used later...

Fed Plans to Shrink Balance Sheet


For the second time this year, the Fed decided to raise short-term interest rates by 25 bps. This brought the Fed Funds Rate to 1.25%. Of perhaps greater importance...

S&P Rises Despite Health Care Setbacks


The S&P 500 rose 5.5% in the first quarter and managed to finish less than 2% from its all-time high, despite setbacks in health care legislation. There was a notable absence...