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Opportunities within the Current Commodity Cycle


While noise may persist from quarter to quarter, commodities should present an interesting opportunity in this...

Global Economy Continues to Gain Momentum


The global economy continues to gain momentum—with surprising growth in Europe, Japan, and the emerging markets. With some concerns still in place...

Global Markets Push Higher


Global markets continued their theme from September as they pushed higher, with domestic indices hitting all-time highs on multiple trading days throughout the month.

Capture the Trending Pickup in Global Growth


For most of the eight-year recovery from the global financial crisis, the U.S. was the primary engine of global growth...

Synchronized Global Growth Strengthens


The global economy is showing strength exceeding expectations, with not only consumer spending, but also, importantly...

Spain, the Euro, and the Dollar


First there was Brexit, and now Catalonia. Spain is the fifth largest economy in the Euro zone, and Catalonia is its most prosperous region, contributing around...