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Volatility Hits Global Markets Hard


If January was a continuation of 2017 in the markets, February was the complete opposite. Global markets saw negative performance across the board, as volatility not only...

Populists Gain Ground in Italy


No single party or coalition could garner an outright majority in the 2018 Italian general election on Sunday, March 4. However, the populist and Eurosceptic parties...

Trade Protectionism – The Wild Card of 2018

by: ; Robert Serenbetz

The 10-year U.S. Treasury yield is trading at 2.6%, close to a four-year high. This reflects the strengthening economy and the potential for rising inflation, but both...

Six Positives to Kick Off 2018


The global economy is a key driver of market performance. Here are six indicators that have us excited for growth, both in the U.S. and abroad in 2018...

A Record-Breaking Year for Equity Markets


The majority of global markets showed positive performance over the course of the month, topping off a record...

Opportunities within the Current Commodity Cycle


While noise may persist from quarter to quarter, commodities should present an interesting opportunity in this...