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Secular growth trends in international equity markets


Despite bouts of volatility this year, U.S. equities, led by high growth firms have dominated global markets...

Exploiting market inefficiencies with a systematic approach


Equity market returns have been choppy in recent months, as investors have reacted to mixed economic data...

Not All Dividend Yields Are Created Equal


Generating income from dividend-paying stocks has been a tried and true investment strategy for generations...

Emerging Markets Equities: The Tide Has Turned


After trailing U.S. equities for four consecutive years (2013 – 2016), emerging markets equities, as measured...

Can Large Growth Stocks Continue Their Upward Climb?


After a strong finish in 2017 (gaining more than 30%), large-cap growth stocks continue to lead the broader...

Looking for Growth (In All the Right Places)


Large-cap growth equities have been market leaders in 2017, gaining more than 25% through the end of October. So, where do equity markets go from here?