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Floating Rate Loans—Slow and Steady Wins the Race


With the U.S. economy appearing to gain momentum—and the potential to further accelerate with the tax reform...

Are Bank Loan Repricings All Priced In?


Amid target Fed Fund rate increases by the Federal Reserve, investors have flocked to bank loan funds due to...

Higher Income Ahead as Fed Raises Rates?


"The Fed appears poised to raise interest rates in June and gradually thereafter,” according to Portfolio Manager Art Torrey who...

Capital Structure Seniority with a Side of Lower Volatility


Late last year, three-month LIBOR surpassed 1%, making LIBOR floors a thing of the past.

Floating Rate Loans: The Floor Is In


Inflation is inching up, the Fed appears poised to gradually raise interest rates, and three-month LIBOR now exceeds 1%. Put it all together and it looks like “the floor is in.”

Five Reasons to Consider Floating Rate


One of our themes for 2017 is rising rates. In episodes where rates have risen in recent decades, floating rate notes have outperformed a core bond benchmark...