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Active allocation to fixed income amidst the Corona-crisis

by: ; Multi-Asset Solutions team

Has it been enough to reset our expectations in fixed income?

IndexIQ 2020 macro outlook: Three actionable ideas for the year ahead

by: ; IndexIQ

After what had been a tumultuous 2019...

IndexIQ 2020 ETF outlook: The era of choice and change

by: ; IndexIQ

Embarking on a new decade is an opportune moment to reflect not only on the past year, but the past ten years...

Negative yielding European junk bonds: High risk, low reward?

by: ; Multi-Asset Solutions team;

Central banks are becoming even more accommodative across the world...

IndexIQ top ETF trends and insights — Mid-year update

by: ; IndexIQ

As the first half of 2019 has proven to be at times surprising and unpredictable, we reflect on those themes...

What Does an Inverted Yield Curve Mean for Your Asset Allocation?

by: ; Lauren Goodwin, CFA

The U.S. Treasury Yield Curve inverted, potentially signaling the next market...