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Mother Nature’s Market Impact


Global markets had a strong performance in September, with domestic indices lagging behind international. Earlier in the month, a string of natural disasters caused...

Looking Under the Hood of Convertibles’ Strong Results


The stock market reached a new all-time high at the end of the third quarter. With the bull market now at...

The Fed Makes Moves


No one can say they weren’t warned: the Fed has been telegraphing the start of the great unwinding of its balance sheet for months. This week, it became a reality...

Will the Fed and Markets Continue Their Rivalry?


Last week, the Federal Reserve signaled its commitment to raising interest rates at a pace of three hikes per year...

The Federal Reserve’s “Big” Unwind


As expected, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) left short-term rates unchanged, and officially announced the unwinding of its balance sheet...

European Strength Continues


When the year began, political risks were concentrated in Europe, economic growth was expected to accelerate in the United States, and the U.S. dollar traded near 15-year highs.