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Podcast: Big concerns about small caps


New York Life Investments presents a weekly podcast from our Multi-Asset Solutions team...

Expensive valuations send mixed signals

by: ; Multi-Asset Solutions team

Equity markets have steadily moved higher since January 2019, despite several headwinds...

Markets defy profit fundamentals, putting equity valuations at risk


So far in 2020, investors have been focused on the positives...

IndexIQ October 2019 commentary

by: ; IndexIQ

October was not the scary month investors had feared. Against a backdrop of optimism on a US-China trade deal, expectations of a 3rd rate cut by the Fed...

Global growth has stalled, now what?

by: ; Multi-Asset Solutions team

Global economic growth is fading. Nearly every major developed economy is now firmly in either a ‘slowdown’ or a ‘downturn’...

Economic muddling and market meddling


Our latest market outlook update highlights key indicators we are watching and ideas for investing accordingly...