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Sell in May, but Don’t Go Away

by: ; Mark Lacuesta, FRM, CAIA, CIPM

The U.S. market rebounded from its May “spring fever” to reach newer highs, topping off at 2954.18 on June 20, to outperform the rest of the world to end the month and the...

Equity prices are heating up. Is there still room to run?


Last week, value stocks outperformed, relative to growth strategies, and exhibited the strongest positive...

A change in sentiment for MLPs?

by: ; Nick Brown

Since 2016, MLPs have lagged both the broad market and the energy sector. But, with strong fundamentals, a move toward simplified corporate structures, and an eye toward...

The Case for Energy MLPs

by: ; Nick Brown

Since hitting a five-year low in January 2016, the energy sector has experienced a meaningful recovery. That being said, there have been several periods of heightened volatility...

$60 Oil – A Ceiling or a Floor?


Currently accepted wisdom suggests that a price for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil above $55-$60 a barrel will provoke a flood of...

Opportunities in MLPs and Energy Infrastructure


Despite a solid fundamental backdrop, midstream energy infrastructure, including Master Limited Partnerships...