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What impact do elections have on markets?


Do elections move markets? In the short term, the answer is clearly yes. For the longer term it depends...

Political Risks and Fiscal Cliffs


Trade tensions have dominated the discussion in recent months and will remain a large concern for markets in the second half of this year. That said...

Munis: Post 2018 election outlook


MacKay Municipal Managers feels the outcome of the 2018 Midterm Election will be overall positive for the municipal market...

The midterms are over; what comes next?


The 2018 midterm Congressional elections go in the book as the most expensive ever, with spending on...

Democrats take the House, Republicans keep the Senate


After months of a contentious and fierce political battle, one source of investor anxiety is mostly behind us...

Midterm elections: Five factors for muni investors to watch


While the national news media focuses on different horse races for control of the U.S. Congress, municipal bond...