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Post-Election Optimism Yet to Be Realized?


In the aftermath of the election, consumers, small businesses, and corporate CEOs signaled rising...

Equities Take Rising Fed Funds Rate in Stride


As expected, the Fed decided to raise short-term interest rates by 25 bps, bringing the Fed Funds Rate to 1.00%.

New Opportunities Ahead


Since 1988, U.S. equities have outperformed international developed equities 52% of the time. Three periods of U.S. equity outperformance stand out...

Looking Beyond U.S. Equities


Two areas where investors often fall short in diversifying their portfolios involve a home-country bias and an underinvestment in alternative betas. Today, we’ll address...

France Narrows Down Candidates; Euro Jumps


Following the first round of the French Election, the euro jumped to a five-month high against the dollar in a...

New Year Starts on Firmer Ground


The New Year is off to a far better start than in 2016, when markets were in disarray and the economic outlook was dim. Back then, commodities were in a downward spiral...