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Powering Your Portfolio with Commodities


Do you have concerns about a weakening U.S. dollar? Is U.S. inflation a worry? Are you seeking diversification...

Emerging Market Equities Still Leader of the Pack


The global equity market generated outstanding results in 2017. Among the leaders of the pack were emerging market equities...

Streaming the U.S. Energy Renaissance


Volatility in the energy sector is certainly not a new phenomenon. And, this is likely to persist, given the U.S. Energy Renaissance...

Active and Passive’s Place in a Diversified Portfolio


Fundamental changes in the financial industry and the current regulatory environment will drive a greater...

Is Your Bond Index in Trouble?


When it comes to core fixed income, the universal benchmark is the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index (“the Agg”). Many investors simply accept...

Navigating Between Risk and Opportunity


With the market reacting of late to President Trump’s future, and the discussion about that and the secondary effects it may have on his pro-business agenda, it is important to...