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Managing risks in the high yield market


With below investment grade corporate bond issuance at nearly high record levels, short term interest rates on the rise and credit spreads below their long term average...

Meet LOIS and Hear What She Has to Say


LOIS is a bit of a complicated construct. The “L” is extracted from the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), the rate at which banks lend to one another and for...

Shortening Duration and Dialing Down Credit Risk in High Yield


Generating income is a key objective for many investors, and one that is...

High Yield—Reasons for (Cautious) Optimism


The high-yield bond market has not escaped the market’s recent volatility, although it has been fairly resilient...

Will High Yield Live Up to its Name (Again)?


Once upon a time, high yield bonds were just that: fixed income instruments with substantial yields, often in double digits, generally well above what was on offer from the...

Balancing Risk and Reward in the High-Yield Market


With a new year at hand, it’s a good time to reassess the high-yield market. We recently sat down with...