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The pace of economic recovery outside the U.S.

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The coronavirus has impacted different countries with differing severity at different times...

July: Better than expected

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It was that kind of month, one dominated by bad news that could have been worse and markets that were generally inclined to shrug it off... 

IndexIQ mid-year update – Volatility, vaccines, & voting

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Whereas the year started on a “normal” trajectory, by March, the pandemic quickly put a halt to an immeasurable...

Travel bans don’t apply to global investing

by: ; Multi-Asset Solutions team

U.S. equities have led a historic global rebound from March lows. But with COVID infection rates reaccelerating...

Poor governance can be expensive


Governance issues are ones that often percolate behind the scenes, but they can easily spill out into public view...

What will increased momentum for social change mean for ESG investing?

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COVID-19 isn’t the only major event currently unfolding that is reshaping...