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Recent Weakness in Inflation – Is It Short Lived?


A strong labor market and stable/rising commodity prices are the primary drivers behind rising inflation trend...

Specter of Inflation Should Trigger Look at Commodity Exposure


Institutional investors have long incorporated commodities in their portfolios as a way to seek...

Bull Market: Eight-Year Check-Up


It's been eight years since the stock market recorded its recession-related bottom. Profits are growing, as shown in the chart. Behind this profits dynamic are expanding...

You Are What You Measure


“You are what you measure” is a favorite saying of management gurus, and there’s some truth to it. For investors, a corollary might be “choose your benchmarks carefully” when...

Themes on Our Investment Radar


As we enter a new year, three themes are on our investment radar: rising commodity prices, an uptick in inflation, and the prospect for bouts of volatility alongside a long-term...

2017 Investment Outlook


In our view, 2017 should mark a time when monetary policy takes a back seat to fiscal policy. President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory in November, along with a Republican sweep...