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Room to Run — Remaining Cautiously Optimistic


The global economy is a key driver of market performance. In our view, the global economy has the necessary...

Opportunities within the Current Commodity Cycle


While noise may persist from quarter to quarter, commodities should present an interesting opportunity in this...

Capture the Trending Pickup in Global Growth


For most of the eight-year recovery from the global financial crisis, the U.S. was the primary engine of global growth...

Recent Weakness in Inflation – Is It Short Lived?


A strong labor market and stable/rising commodity prices are the primary drivers behind rising inflation trend...

Specter of Inflation Should Trigger Look at Commodity Exposure


Institutional investors have long incorporated commodities in their portfolios as a way to seek...

Bull Market: Eight-Year Check-Up


It's been eight years since the stock market recorded its recession-related bottom. Profits are growing, as shown in the chart. Behind this profits dynamic are expanding...