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Brexit back in the news


While it has taken a back seat to the U.S./North Korean Summit, concerns over a global trade war and a potential eurozone crisis stemming from recent elections...

Spain, the Euro, and the Dollar


First there was Brexit, and now Catalonia. Spain is the fifth largest economy in the Euro zone, and Catalonia is its most prosperous region, contributing around...

‘Frexit’ Averted; How Should Investors Think about European Equities?


In a sign of the remarkable times in which we live, discussions of...

France Narrows Down Candidates; Euro Jumps


Following the first round of the French Election, the euro jumped to a five-month high against the dollar in a...

The British Pound is the Talk of the Town


The British pound is the talk of the currency markets as it has continued its Brexit slide trading near record lows. The Brexit debate leaves investors uneasy and could pose...

USD: Sharp Rise as Gold Tumbles


Weekly foreign currency update: The U.S. dollar trended higher for most of the week before rising sharply across the board as gold tumbled and equity prices declined.