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Navigating Headwinds in the U.S. Bond Market


The 10-year U.S. Treasury yield breached the 2.9% level this week, as investors became wary of fiscal stimulus...

Pairing Short Duration High Yield with Bank Loans


Between bond purists and bank loan enthusiasts, there exists a little bit of rivalry. How do we settle this?

Municipal Bonds: The Case for Active Management


We believe prudent financial advisors recognize the need today for professional, active management in...

Duration: Not Debunked, Just Practically Applied

by: ; Adam Schrier, CFA, FRM

When will interest rates rise and by how much? This question has been analyzed and debated continuously over...

High-Yield Bonds in a Time of Rising Rates


The prices of bonds generally move inversely to interest rates, except when they don’t. High-yield corporate bonds, for example, may defy this expectation under some circumstances.

Top Five Municipal Market Insights for 2017


New federal legislation expected to be proposed in 2017 that, if implemented, could impact the municipal market...