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Keeping an eye on the “quiet” week ahead


The Federal Reserve responded to very strong economic data by raising interest rates 25bps and lifting the median estimate for future rate levels in 2018 and 2019 very slightly...

All Eyes on the Fed


On Wednesday, December 14, the Federal Reserve (Fed) unanimously raised the Federal Funds Rate for the first time in a year. Subsequently, the U.S. dollar strengthened against...

Stocks Have Been a Clear Winner Over Time


Historically, it would have been a challenging endeavor to build wealth without the contribution of equities.

Profits Preview


We’ve got the Federal Reserve (Fed) on hold until December, the Bank of Japan targeting a 0% rate on its 10-year bonds, and the first presidential debate behind us, so now...

Japan Eases Endorsing


Weekly foreign currency update: The Bank of Japan (BOJ) endorsed expansive easing early Wednesday morning, maintaining its negative interest rate policy and implementing a yield...

The Course of Monetary Policy?


Weekly foreign currency update: The U.S. dollar traded higher against a basket of currencies, trimming last week's losses. Both the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan are...