May 10, 2018

Convertibles Shine through Clouds of Volatility


Well, it had to end at some point. For a while in 2017, it seemed like wherever you invested, you would earn a positive return, with very few bumps in the road...

    May 4, 2018

Not All Dividend Yields Are Created Equal


Generating income from dividend-paying stocks has been a tried and true investment strategy for generations...

    May 3, 2018

What’s Up with the Dollar?


As is often the case in reading tea leaves (or before that, entrails), the future is in the eye of the beholder: what’s objectively in front of you is open to interpretation...

    May 1, 2018

Looking at Dividend Yield in a Different Light


Since the beginning of 2017, global equity returns have been dominated by higher growth stocks, in particular...

    Apr 26, 2018

Merging ETFs and Merger Arbitrage


Global merger and acquisition (M&A) activity hit a 17-year high in the first quarter of 2018, according to Mergermarket. In aggregate, there were nearly 3,800 deals—totaling ...

    Apr 25, 2018

No Real CAT-alyst for Sell-off


The equity markets sold off yesterday (with the S&P 500 down -1.34% and the Dow down -1.76%), even though corporate America is well on its way to a record-breaking profit season...

    Apr 17, 2018

Short Duration High Yield: A Flower in the Junkyard


The S&P 500 Index posted a negative return for first quarter of 2018, marking the 12th time in a little over a decade...

    Apr 13, 2018

Time to Get More Active with Active Share


For years now, equity markets have enjoyed a long, steady march higher. Benefitting from low starting valuations...