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Nick Brown

Director, Client Portfolio Manager, Cushing Asset Management

Nick Brown is the Client Portfolio Manager and Business Development Director at Cushing Asset Management. Prior to joining the firm in 2013, Nick was an Analyst in Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Investment Banking Division in Houston where he focused on corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions in the MLP sector. Before earning his B.B.A. in Finance from Southern Methodist University, Nick served four years in the Marine Corps Infantry, where he completed multiple deployments to Iraq.

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A change in sentiment for MLPs?

by: ; Nick Brown
Since 2016, MLPs have lagged both the broad market and the energy sector. But, with strong fundamentals, a move toward simplified corporate structures, and an eye toward...

MLP Market Update

Today, the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced that it will disallow income tax allowance cost recovery in MLP pipeline rates. FERC is requiring every...

The Case for Energy MLPs

by: ; Nick Brown
Since hitting a five-year low in January 2016, the energy sector has experienced a meaningful recovery. That being said, there have been several periods of heightened volatility...

A Shift in the OPEC Playbook: 2014 vs. 2017

Unlike 2014 and 2015, we do not believe crude oil prices are remaining low as a result of OPEC threatening to increase...