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Libby Toudouze

Libby F. Toudouze

Portfolio Manager, Cushing Asset Management

Libby F. Toudouze has over 30 years of experience in investment management and 15 years of Energy and MLP specific portfolio management experience. Before joining Cushing Asset Management, she established and ran a family office where her responsibilities included developing investment policies, creating an asset allocation framework, as well as analyzing public and private investments. Ms. Toudouze has been with the firm as a PM for over 10 years, worked seven years in private wealth management at JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America. Additionally, she was an analyst, trader and portfolio manager at the hedge fund Paragon Associates for over 10 years. She worked on the institutional trading desk at Merrill Lynch and has worked on the floor of the NYSE.

Ms. Toudouze grew up in Westchester County, NY, played NCAA Tennis, and earned her B.B.A. and her M.B.A. from Southern Methodist University.

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