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Lauren Goodwin, CFA

Economist and Multi-Asset Portfolio Strategist, New York Life Investment Management

Lauren Goodwin, CFA is an economist and multi-asset portfolio strategist with New York Life Investment Management’s Multi Asset Solutions (MAS) team, which has $10B in assets under management. She joined NYLIM in 2018 to focus on global macroeconomic trends and actionable investment insights.

Prior to joining NYLIM, Lauren was an international economist at Wells Fargo, specializing in mapping global economic trends and their impact to the bank’s business lines. Before that, she managed the Global Economics practice at Frontier Strategy Group, an emerging-markets focused global macro research consultancy. She has also held positions at JPMorgan Chase and the OECD. Lauren is a CFA Charterholder, holds a master’s degree in international economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and received her undergraduate degree in global business from the University of Southern California.

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