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IndexIQ, a New York Life Investments Company, is a trusted provider of innovative financial solutions. IndexIQ ETFs are built and delivered in a way that provides exposures that investors can rely on. A subsidiary of one of the oldest and largest life insurance companies in the world, we have a solid foundation and the resources to continue our culture of innovation. IndexIQ has established a long track record of demonstrating the value of innovation. From offering the first liquid alternative ETF, to leveraging our multi-boutique platform, each ETF is thoughtfully constructed. Our specialized investment solutions help our clients meet the increasingly complex challenges they face in their portfolios today.
With coverage across all broad asset classes, IndexIQ offers smart solutions for building better portfolios within:
• Fixed Income: Core, municipal, investment grade, high yield
• Equities: Domestic large and small cap, global/international
• Alternatives: Hedge fund replication
• Specialty: Merger arbitrage, commodity, real estate

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