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Charlie Reinhardt

Charlie Reinhard

Chief Portfolio Strategist, MainStay Investments

As head of portfolio strategy at New York Life’s MainStay Investments, Charlie Reinhard leads investment thought leadership and portfolio construction efforts across MainStay mutual funds and IndexIQ ETFs. A frequent contributor to financial broadcast and print media outlets, Charlie’s insights appear alongside those of New York Life’s independent investment boutiques in MainStay’s Quarterly Navigator, the MainStay Market Minute, and the MainStay Market Monitor.

Prior to joining MainStay, Charlie served as managing director and deputy chief investment officer in the Global Wealth Management Division at Morgan Stanley, where his responsibilities included global investment strategy, and strategic and tactical asset allocation. Previously, he was Director of Portfolio Strategy and Associate Director of Research at Neuberger Berman.

Charlie holds an MBA in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business and a BS degree in Economics from Carnegie Mellon University where he graduated with high honors.

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