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Adam Patti

Adam Patti

CEO, IndexIQ by MainStay Investments

Adam is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of IndexIQ. Prior to founding IndexIQ, he led Fortune Indexes, a pioneer in the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) industry, having launched two ETFs back in 2000 in partnership with State Street Global Advisors. Fortune’s flagship product was the Fortune 500 Index, the first fundamentally derived broad-based index strategy. Under Adam’s leadership, the Fortune Indexes business unit of Time Inc. grew to become a leading indexing operation and important participant in what was then the early days of a burgeoning ETF industry.

During his tenure at Time Inc., Adam was Associate Publisher of the Time Inc. Business & Finance Network, which includes the Fortune and Money magazine properties, as well as the financial information portal. Prior to this role, Adam was Executive Director, Marketing Strategy & Brand Development for Fortune Magazine, and Group Director of New Business Ventures for the Fortune/Money Group.

Adam previously was President and Founder of ThreadeXchange, a venture backed supply-chain software company that built global procurement solutions for apparel and textile industries. ThreadeXchange developed a global factory network covering 52 countries with over $10 billion in production capacity, along with a sophisticated production optimization engine matching retailers with those factories. Prior to ThreadeXchange, Adam was President and Founder of Force Industries Communications, a systems integration and process reengineering consultancy, as well as Founder and President of Target Market, a marketing firm that created advertising vehicles for local businesses targeting college campuses.

Adam also served as Director of BlueCar Partners, a merchant bank focused on M&A, restructurings, and strategic control investments; an investment banker at Salomon Smith Barney; and a credit trained executive at Bank of America.

Adam holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management with a triple major in Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and a BS in Finance from University at Albany.

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