Podcast: Record highs. Now what?

by: , Multi-Asset Solutions team, New York Life Investments

New York Life Investments presents a weekly podcast from our Multi-Asset Solutions team. Hosts Lauren Goodwin and Robert Serenbetz bring a fresh look at what matters for the economy, markets, and a multi-asset portfolio.

Tune in for a weekly dose of what’s driving portfolio decision-making at New York Life Investments. The podcast will be available on this blog, the website, and all your favorite podcast platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.

The S&P 500 index passed its pre-pandemic record high, marking the second-fastest bear market recovery in history. Lauren and Robert tackle the three most frequently asked questions:

  1. If the economy is doing poorly, why has the stock market recovered so quickly?
  2. After such a historic run, what’s next?
  3. How can an investor put new money to work?

Market Matters Podcast from New York Life Investments

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Multi-Asset Solutions team

Multi-Asset Solutions team, New York Life Investments

Multi-Asset Solutions (MAS) is New York Life investments’ specialist in multi-asset investing.The team offers multi asset strategies, market intelligence, and customized solutions to its strategic partners. Managed assets include MainStay funds, strategic partnerships and customized solutions with third parties. Investment services include market insights, risk analysis, and financial education. Strategic partnerships are designed to meet bespoke investment objectives, such as income generation or inflation protection, through holistic solutions.

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