Survey Surprises Support Equities

by: , Managing Director, Economist, and Portfolio Manager, New York Life Investment Management

U.S. equities have been on a quite the tear of late, and two big surprises in the economic data last week helped to further support a positive outlook.

First, surveys of business activity in the United States shot higher in September, with the ISM manufacturing and non-manufacturing both surpassing 13-year highs. And second, motor vehicle sales had their strongest monthly increase in this entire economic expansion.

The recent destruction caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma was expected to be a potential drag on economic activity in September. Surprisingly, however, activity remained strong.

Hurricane Harvey certainly contributed to the strong increase in auto sales, as the severe flooding stimulated replacement demand.

How Much of the Recent Strength is Driven by the Effects of the Storms?

It’s hard to say with certainty, but it’s clear that with up to 700,000 cars damaged, replacement demand will boost sales in the next several months. Hurricanes also disrupted supply chains and job markets, and hurt retailers and restaurants, so the impact on various economic stats is likely to be mixed. For example, consumer confidence surveys have shown a small setback, due to the spike in gas prices. Still, auto dealers did report a rise in September sales also beyond the hurricane-affected areas. And, new orders in manufacturing have been surging this year, even before the storms. Overall, recent indicators point to solid growth.

A Small Setback in Consumer Confidence

Source: Bloomberg, as of 9/30/17. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, which will vary. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

No Doubt the U.S. Economy Is on Solid Footing

A weaker dollar and stronger growth overseas have helped support domestic growth. The elevated indicators we saw last week tend to correlate with higher equity prices and improved corporate profits. And certainly, they’re supportive of a December rate hike.

Higher Equity Prices and Improved Corporate Profits

Source: Bloomberg, as of 9/30/17. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, which will vary. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

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Poul Kristensen, CFA

Managing Director, Economist, and Portfolio Manager, New York Life Investment Management

Poul Kristensen, CFA is Managing Director, Economist, and Portfolio Manager with New York Life Investment Management’s Strategic Asset Allocation & Solutions (SAS) Group

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