Trump and Trade: What Are the Risks?

by: , CEO, Co–CIO, and Portfolio Manager, Epoch Investment Partners, Inc.; Kevin Hebner, PhD, Managing Director, Global Portfolio Management, Epoch Investment Partners, Inc.
  • President Trump has been an unabashed protectionist for decades, so it is no surprise that he has appointed the most hawkish trade team since Smoot-Hawley. Further, we believe Trump’s China-bashing team, which will be led by trade hawks such as Robert Lighthizer (U.S. Trade Representative), Peter Navarro (National Trade Advisor), Wilbur Ross (Commerce Secretary), and several others with equally-brazen views, should be taken literally and seriously.
  • Protectionist actions may begin shortly after Trump’s full trade team is confirmed. It is unfortunate, but D.C. is overflowing with China critics, so we envision China-bashing emerging as one of the few bi-partisan initiatives. If Trump’s trade team does indeed deliver on its protectionist promises, China’s retaliation will likely be immediate, forceful, and in-kind. (They have studied our pressure points.)
  • An acceleration of tit-for-tat protectionist measures is one of the biggest risks to the global market outlook. In terms of scenarios, we believe it is 15% likely that no protectionist measures are implemented during 2017–2018, 60% probable that moderate trade frictions occur, and 25% likely that a full trade war ensues. This would imply a greater-than-even chance of a global recession.
  • Countries most at risk from Trump’s policies include China and Mexico, followed by Japan and Germany. However, Japan aims to preempt such measures by investing a considerable sum in the U.S., increasing its defense spending and discussing a bilateral trade deal. The sectors most likely to be targeted include steel, aluminum, chemical products, tires, other auto-related products, and various types of manufactured goods.
  • Finally, and in spite of all this, we believe the case for globalization remains overwhelming (although more needs to be done for those who have been negatively affected) and that President Trump’s perspective reflects an erroneous, zero-sum view of trade. Displaying disdain for comparative advantage, which is one of the most profound and powerful concepts in economics, will ultimately hurt innovation, productivity, and employment.

“Patriotism, Jobs, and Trade“ is the pithy expression that best encapsulates President Trump’s economic priorities. Similarly, his guiding principle on policy formation can be best expressed by the rather straightforward question: Is it friendly to U.S. businesses? By bringing this pro-business perspective into the executive branch, the November election was clearly a real game changer and one that has elicited an understandably positive reaction from markets. However, in our view, many investors have been overly focused on the candy (tax reform, deregulation, and infrastructure), while paying scant attention to the spinach (protectionism and “the big rewind“).

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William Priest, CFA

CEO, Co–CIO, and Portfolio Manager, Epoch Investment Partners, Inc.

Bill is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Epoch Investment Partners. He is a portfolio manager for Epoch’s global equity investment strategies and leads the Investment Policy Group, a forum for analyzing broader secular and cyclical trends that Epoch believes will

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Kevin Hebner, PhD

Managing Director, Global Portfolio Management, Epoch Investment Partners, Inc.

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